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Rock Star Ladyboy

Ladyboy Rock star Noon is looking cool in those sunglasses. You can't tell that she is looking at you behind those shades but once she smiles and licks her lips you know you are in for a very hot time. Rock Stars get what they want and she wants your cock. I am sure you will not put up to much of a fight, but play a little hard to get she likes the challenge. when she turns over and presents that fine tight ass it is then you better make your move. That ass is calling your cock and demands for you to push deep inside!
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Kai – Ice Cream Treat

Have you ever had ice cream with a ladyboy as a topping? Sure you could have your bananas, cherries and even chocolate. However I am sure you would rather have the sweet taste of a cum hungry ladyboy like Kai as your new favorite ingredient. She is sure to be sweet, salty and sticky and well worth the price. Just make sure you lick up every inch of your treat, Kai expects you to be a good boy and keep her body clean and eat all of her. Do a great job and she will return the favor and use you as her next topping and this girl loves to lick!
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Asian Shemale Postop Sue


Just in case you are getting too blase we are bringing you a wow of a asian shemale post-op babe called Sue. She’s covered in lace and silky stockings, and the picture of femininity. She was feminine for sure before her operation but now this hot little shemale is all woman and eager to show you!

Hey! It works for me because I am like most people, eager to see what that newly made female looks like! I mean she was hot before and plenty delicate as only an asian shemale can be but now – well now she has all the working parts and the desire to use them!

Yes, of course Sue is one of the awesome shemale pussy babes from Ladyboy Pussy. She’s not only willing but eager to show you that pussy is tighter than any genetic girls and desperate for your cum.

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Bee – Sucking Cock

There is nothing in the world that Bee enjoys more than a nice hard cock in her mouth… She was born to suck dick — and she enjoys all forms of oral sex — gagging, facial, and just the normal sloppy blowjob. Here is a small set of her practicing her hobby on our photographer.

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Lee – Lube Me Up

That looks like a very big bed for just one person. Teen ladyboy Lee is really hoping you will join her and rub that lotion all over her tight teen body. It’s hard for her to reach some of those areas and she would really appreciate a pair of strong hands to run all over her. Please forgive her is she gets a little excited and that cute cock between her legs begins to grow with your touch. If she giggles and gives you a naughty wink then that is her sign that she wants more sexual attention. Ladyboy Gold has more of this lovely katoey next door so come inside to see more of her.
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Eye – And Her Iphone

Being big fans of anything made by Apple, we were very excited when we saw that Eye now sports an iPhone. And we couldn’t help but to notice the interesting parallels as far as the name. Eye… iPhone… eyePhone? Either way, we did this photo set of her modeling with her iPhone in the stairway of our studio. Also in the background you will notice an iPod poster and a Jim Henson Think Different banner. (But the main attraction is still the super sexy Eye!)

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Busty Tokyo Newhalf Strips And Teases

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If you’ve been paying attention to the Japanese newhalf scene, you already know that Miki here is one of the biggest stars on the net. Once you get a look at her huge tits and gorgeous round ass, you’ll know why! I caught up with this 28-year old hottie in a hotel room in Tokyo and grabbed a bunch of pics of her showing off her amazing body and stroking her lovely newhalf cock! The folks in her old hometown of Osaka must miss her!


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Jessica – Black And White

Jessica looks very sexy in this set with her black hair contrasting against the see-through white stockings. If you have ever met Jessica in person, you will know that she is quite a big ladyboy (in more than one way) — She is one of the tallest ladyboys we have met so far in Thailand. Add to that her really big cock, and you have what can be quite an intimidating gal, which can often make for some interesting (and fun) bedroom experiences! 😉

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